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Australia is currently suffering from one of its worst bushfires and fires have caused more carbon emissions. At CMI, we are committed to helping out communities and advocate for climate action.


The simplest solution that everyone can

contribute to reducing carbon emissions is by

planting more trees.

Trees store plenty of carbon and they create a

healthier environment for all of us. Most local

councils offer trees for local residents to plant,

you can contribute towards the environment by enquiring with your local council on their tree planting program.

Alternatively, you can engage in our Tree of Life program, we will plant a tree on your behalf and it is planted because of you. You will be issued a Tree of Life Certificate with your name for your contribution to the environment.

Businesses typically can also include

participation in the Tree of Life program

into their invoices by noting that the

company is a participant and contributes a

portion of the company's revenue towards

reducing carbon emission and building a better


Love our environment - protect our way of life

Tree of Life:

  • AU$5 per tree

  • AU$15 for planting 3 trees

  • AU$50 for planting 10 trees

  • AU$100 for planting 20 trees

  • AU$500 for planting 100 trees